We are fortunate to invest in and collaborate with the world's most brilliant founders.

Folia Health

Folia is the world's first home-reported outcomes company, jointly enabling individuals to drive their own healthcare decision-making while powering next-gen research.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV is the first sub-$10 LIVE TV streaming service, providing family-oriented viewers, looking for a feel-good TV experience at an even friendlier price.


LuminDx is enabling patients with skin issues to get from sick to healthy faster through cutting-edge technology that promises to better address some of the most common skin conditions.


Magnomer is a US and India based startup which delivers a novel ink technology is to resolve issues around material sortability to help recycling.

Nth Party

Nth Party's sophisticated software enables secure, confidential exchange of - and computation over - data owned by different entities.


Qatch, the Netflix of Shopping, is a text-based shopping platform to discover new brands through personalized recommendations.


Squark is a No-Code SaaS platform allowing marketing analysts to answer any predictive customer question in minutes.


Torre is using artificial intelligence to build an automated global recruiting platform that makes work fulfilling for all.


Unstack does everything marketers need (CMS, CRM, Email, and more) in a seamless, no code, all-in-one solution. No developers necessary.


WEVO is the first company to optimize digital experiences before going live leveraging Artificial Intelligence and a behavioral model.


Zingeroo is a fintech startup building a social trading experience aiming to make stock trading social, educational and accessible.