We are fortunate to invest in and collaborate with the world's most brilliant founders.


AOA is developing a technology that has altered the way we approach early-stage diagnosis of ovarian cancer.


Boh is an intuitive platform that automates restaurant operations and kitchen compliance.


Cake is the easiest way to discover, store, and share your end-of-life preferences.


CLIPr personalizes and processes video session recordings to make it easy to skim, search, share, review and learn what you need in a fraction of the time.


Esprezzo empowers anyone to use blockchain data to drive decisions via a no-code solution that automates workflows using smart contracts and DeFi events.

Folia Health

Folia is the world's first home-reported outcomes company, jointly enabling individuals to drive their own healthcare decision-making while powering next-gen research.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV is the first sub-$10 LIVE TV streaming service, providing family-oriented viewers, looking for a feel-good TV experience at an even friendlier price.

Hunt Club

Hunt Club is a new category of search firm with technology that transforms thousands of subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful talent network.


Hyperspec AI enables car manufacturers to unlock 95% of roadways for Self Driving by enabling the vehicles with a next generation vision pipeline.


Ignatica's SaaS platform enables insurers to launch customized new products to the market profitably, affordably and immediately.


Kytopen has developed a cell therapy platform for non-viral delivery of molecules into hard-to-transfect immune cells.


Lasso is a new apparel brand at the intersection of performance, biomedical engineering and fashion, enabling movement with confidence, backed by science.


Magnomer is a US and India based startup which delivers a novel ink technology is to resolve issues around material sortability to help recycling.


Metrobi is a one-stop order fulfillment solution for local businesses.


Mombox is revolutionizing postnatal care by providing new moms with the product and support they need to recover quickly and improve the postpartum experience.

Moolah Kicks

Moolah Kicks is elevating the game, igniting a unique culture, and providing more for women’s basketball.


NeighborSchools is a SAAS-enabled marketplace empowering independent caregivers to launch micro-daycares and parents to find good, safe, affordable child care.

Nth Party

Nth Party's sophisticated software enables secure, confidential exchange of - and computation over - data owned by different entities.


Oversoul transforms deforested land into eternally conserved nature sanctuaries for the purpose of being planted bodies as a tree upon death.


Through our brands Perks helps HR teams more effectively engage their employees with their brand and benefits.

Piction Health

Piction Health is enabling patients with skin issues to get from sick to healthy faster through cutting-edge technology that promises to better address some of the most common skin conditions.

Powered by People

Powered by People connects international buyers with global producers in the creative manufacturing and handmade sector to meet fast-growing demand for authentic, unique and sustainable products


Not an agency. Not a CRM. Powerspike is the solution for Twitch influencer marketing campaigns.


Qatch, the Netflix of Shopping, is a text-based shopping platform to discover new brands through personalized recommendations.


Quala has set out to redefine what customer success looks like in a world disconnected by first-generation CS technology.


Sauce increases restaurant sales and profits via automatic dynamic menu pricing based on order and market data.


Simplifed is reinventing infant nutrition from breast, to bottle, and beyond.


Squark is a No-Code SaaS platform allowing marketing analysts to answer any predictive customer question in minutes.


Torre is using artificial intelligence to build an automated global recruiting platform that makes work fulfilling for all.

Une Femme Wines

Whether we’re toasting to a dream job, a first home, or progress towards a better world, Une Femme has created wines for women raising the bar.


Unstack does everything marketers need (CMS, CRM, Email, and more) in a seamless, no code, all-in-one solution. No developers necessary.


Upshot provides appraisals for NFTs by leveraging peer prediction and the Ethereum blockchain.

Uptime Health

Uptime Health automates medical equipment service, purchase, and compliance events with the only software built for outpatient and in-home users.


Voatz makes voting not only more accessible and secure, but also more transparent, auditable and accountable.


WEVO is the first company to optimize digital experiences before going live leveraging Artificial Intelligence and a behavioral model.


Wishroute’s next-generation customer engagement platform increases customer retention and success through AI-enhanced, human text message conversations

Yuva Biosciences

Yuva Biosciences is bringing the cutting edge of mitochondrial science to make aging easier.


Zingeroo is a fintech startup building a social trading experience aiming to make stock trading social, educational and accessible.