We are fortunate to invest in and collaborate with the world's most brilliant founders.

Folia Health

Folia is the world's first home-reported outcomes company, jointly enabling individuals to drive their own healthcare decision-making while powering next-gen research.


Magnomer is a US and India based startup which delivers a novel ink technology is to resolve issues around material sortability to help recycling.

Nth Party

Nth Party's sophisticated software enables secure, confidential exchange of - and computation over - data owned by different entities.


Unstack does everything marketers need (CMS, CRM, Email, and more) in a seamless, no code, all-in-one solution. No developers necessary.


WEVO is the first company to optimize digital experiences before going live leveraging Artificial Intelligence and a behavioral model.


Zingeroo is a fintech startup building a compliant competitive stock trading platform aiming to make stock trading social, educational and accessible.